National  Guard  Association  of Maine

Our Purpose

1. To promote and support adequate State and National security under the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.

2. To foster and improve the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard of the State of Maine, and their relations with the general public.

3. To promote close association, friendship, understanding, and cooperation between all members of this Association.

4. In order to promote the best interests of the Association and the purposes for which it was formed, it shall have power, through the Executive Committee, to receive and collect membership dues and accept contributions, and may acquire, hold, take by gift, advise or purchase property, either real or personal, and invest its funds therein. It may sell and dispose of such property and create obligations when it appears to be for the best interests of the Association. All income or increase from whatever source derived shall be used exclusively to promote the purposes for which the Association is organized. Title to real property shall be taken in the name of the Association; the custody and management of the same shall be vested in the Executive Committee: sale, transfer or encumbrance of real estate shall be made by the President of the Association and attested by the Secretary, when authorized by a resolution of the Executive Committee approving such sale, transfer or encumbrance.

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The Adjutant General of Maine also serves as the Commissioner for DVEM, securely tying the Guard into disaster response, veteran support, as well as defense of the state and nation.

Since the establishment of the York Regiment on 31 May 1671, Mainers have stepped forward to defend their neighbors and nation from harm.  Read more about Maine's proud military legacy here

Since 1947, the Mainers have guarded our sky and secured the northeastern air corridor. Today our Airmen are pivotal in ensuring continued operations through aerial refueling and communications support.